Over the last three years, the Group's sound financial and sporting performance has demonstrated that its business model, oriented around the operation of Groupama Stadium, is a robust one. The stadium has enabled OL Groupe to substantially increase revenues and develop new businesses.

Over the next few years, OL Groupe intends to base its growth strategy on a Full Entertainment concept focused on its core business — football — and also on the development and diversification of its events programme. With this aim, the Group launched a project to extend its property and build an events arena with a capacity of 16,000 near the stadium, enabling it to host concerts throughout the year, as well as large-scale seminars and trade shows.

In the medium term, the Group should also benefit from favourable economic conditions, with the increase in French Ligue 1 media rights coming into effect starting with the 2020/21 season (€1.16 billion p.a. for the 2020-2024 period, a total increase of nearly 60%). Likewise, in a global transfer market that is continuing to grow (up 14% in 2019, source: CIES, September 2019), OL Groupe is ideally placed to create value through its Academy, which is ranked among the best training academies in Europe, and the Club continues to recruit promising young players whom it aims to develop so as to unlock their full on-pitch and financial potential.

Harnessing the growth momentum released by its Full Entertainment strategic plan, the Group is reiterating its objective of again becoming one of the top 20 European clubs in financial terms, by increasing all of its revenue sources and achieving total revenue in the region of €400 million by 2024.


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