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Over the last three years, the Group's sound financial and sporting performance has demonstrated that its business model, oriented around the operation of Groupama Stadium, is a robust one. The stadium has enabled OL Groupe to substantially increase revenues and has put the club back among the majors in Europe

OL Groupe intends to pursue this strategy in the coming years, based on recurring sporting performance from the men's and women's teams, the OL Academy - a key strategic asset - and use of its facilities, notably the Groupama Stadium. No. 1 in France for the last six years, the OL Academy moved into second place at the European level in October 2018. The Academy constitutes an important source of value creation, generating significant recurring revenue and superb potential for growth and development, as well as international exposure.

Alongside the Group's core business, the men's and women's professional teams, the Events activity is expanding rapidly, with a full programme of concerts and major sporting events, as well as numerous seminars (nearly 900 since the stadium opened). The Group will seek to increase operating profitability by optimising operating and organisational costs, while maintaining the customer experience as a key priority.

Lastly, the development of the "OL City" complex around Groupama Stadium continues. The Lavorel Group's Kopster Hotel opened on 1 October 2018, and construction is advancing on the medical centre (opening planned for mid-2019), office buildings (opening planned for Q3 2019) and a leisure & entertainment complex (opening planned for Autumn 2020). These related activities, underwritten for the most part by third parties, will help strengthen the attractiveness of the "OL City" urban complex, with an objective of 3 million site visitors p.a. (1.4 million in 2017/18).

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