How can I become an OL Groupe shareholder?

You can buy shares through a traditional financial intermediary, such as your bank or asset manager. You can also execute orders directly with an online broker after opening an account.

OL Groupe shares are listed on NYSE-Euronext Paris - Compartment B. The ISIN code is FR0010428771.

How can I receive regular information about the Group?

You can put your name on the mailing list (see contact page)

What is the date of the next Shareholders' Meeting?

The Shareholders' Meeting to approve the 2018/19 financial statements will be held on 3 December 2019.

How can I take part in the Shareholders Meeting?

You must hold at least one OL Groupe share. To participate or be represented at Shareholders' Meetings, you must show proof of your status as a shareholder in the form of an account registration no later than two business days prior to the date of the Meeting.

If you hold shares in registered form, send your request for an admission card to CIC - Service Assemblées - 6, avenue de Provence 75009 Paris (France) or request it in person on the day of the Meeting.

If you hold shares in bearer form, ask the authorised financial intermediary who manages your securities account to request that an admission card be sent to him or her. CIC must receive the request from the financial intermediary.

Any shareholder may request a postal voting form from the Company by sending a registered letter with return receipt. Such request must be received at the head office no later than six days before the date of the Shareholders' Meeting. The completed form must be received, accompanied by a participation certificate for shareholders with shares in bearer form at CIC - Service Assemblées - 6, avenue de Provence 75009 Paris (France) no less than three calendar days before the date of the Meeting.
For these Meetings, it will not be possible to vote or submit questions via the Company's website.

Shareholders voting by post may not participate directly in the Meeting or be represented at the Meeting via power of attorney. Any shareholder having requested an admission card may not vote by post.


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